FB_IMG_1493660607022“Lorna is highly experienced in the modeling industry and has a great grasp on the way it works. All of my interactions with her have been professional and fun. I’ve learned so much and come a long way from our initial meeting! Thank you for creating this company Lorna, you are making a positive change in the lives of budding artists.”  Emily Richardson


FB_IMG_1458399384944“It was great working with you Lorna! You’re amazing at what you do. Thank you for guiding me and giving me great advice. I know I can always count on you if I need help.” Arron Massey-Patel




“My first call to Lorna generated more valuable insights than I’ve heard from all the sources I spoke to previously. She has a broad knowledge of the profession and is connected with industry leaders and agencies. She also comes from her own experience as a model and actor so she knows what it takes to be on this side. I look forward to a longstanding mentorship with her. ”   James M Jenkinson