20160806_120833My name is Lorna Cumming; I started modeling at the age of 13 and so started a lifelong love affair of not just the fashion industry but of the entertainment industry as a whole. My career in the entertainment industry has spanned over 35 years in which I have been an international model and traveled to places like Greece, Milan and New York. I have been an actor and I am a certified make-up artist. I have taught runway classes and commercial workshops.

At 24 years of age I decided to branch out further and become a Booker for models and then eventually an agent for actors. Branching out even further I opened my own agency called Skye Management. Over the next 15 years as an agent I represented models, actors and photographers. 20150201_131250

I am now a mentor, scout and coach and help new models and actors looking to start their careers in the industry as well as guide seasoned models and actors to the next level.

At the office

Below is some of my work as a model.


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